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Words of Wisdom from the PEZQueen ...


Once upon a time, when the world was still round, before it had developed into a softly shaped rectangle, with gently curved edges, there was a woman who collected PEZ dispensers and her beloved husband who had an amazing dream.

After regaling her with the story of his dream, the wife was struck with a life-altering thought. She had an aspiration in life such as none as had ever struck anyone before this moment.

Quickly gathering her wits about her, she swiftly moved to her computer. She gathered her collecting cronies together and told them:

Dear Fellow PEZheads,

I just had to tell you all about my husband's dream a couple of nights ago. He dreamed that we were at a dinner table, whereabouts
unknown, and they were serving a baked ham.  I refused to have any unless the slices of ham were served out of a PEZ Dispenser. When he explained to me that the slices were too big for a PEZ Dispenser, I brought out a huge dispenser that was big enough to
stack slices of ham in!
The very disturbing part of this whole dream is when he woke up, he couldn't remember which Dispenser it was...yeesh.
Yours in PEZzinest,
Amy, Aspiring PEZQueen of the Universe

One jaunty cohort stepped forward with a maniacal grin and said:

My fellow PEZheads:

I would like to put forth the following nomination, subject to debate (for there could be many worthy candidates) -
That, henceforth, Amy L. Forsyth shall be known, not as the Aspiring PEZQueen of the Universe, but as THE PEZQueen of the Universe.
All good and just universes should have PEZQueens, and last I looked our's was lacking same. In the interest of preventing chaos and to maintain a good rapport with the PEZGod, then I say, "Long Live the PEZQueen." What say ye all?

Jim, seeking the title of official Court PEZJester.

And the adventures began.

Many moons have past since that Glorious moment in time, Moats have been mucked, Royal Water Slides have been built and tested.....and many have stepped forward to become Titled Members of PEZLand:


As Our Beloved Winetaster to the Royal Court of PEZ once explained:

*PEZ Nicknames are left to your own imagination or you can ask the group based on your hobbies/interests/etc. to suggest names. Royal names, (i.e., Winetaster to the Royal Court of PEZ) must be humbly and respectfully requested from Her Royal Majesty, the PEZQueen of the Universe....Ruler of all She surveys...*

Many moons ago, when PEZLand was a small village, of only 20 or so, it was possible to have extended conversation about the bestowing and creation of Royal Titles on the PEZHead Email List...now that PEZLand is a thriving metropolis of approximately 1400, we have a simpler method:

One emails the PEZQueen, that would be *Moi*, privately, and politely requests to be a Titled Member of PEZLand. We attempt to be a most gracious and understanding PQ, but will bristle at being *told* to add a nickname to the Royal List.

One must follow certain basics of good manners in order to not meet up with My Beloved PEZinator of Darkness for a few hours in the dungeon. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is most appreciated.

Thank you,

Amy, PEZQueen of the Universe


A Grateful PEZhead -- Brenda Praz
A PEZ Fan -- Brita Coffey
A Royal Pain in the PEZ -- Dan Davis
Amanda PEZsessed -- Amanda Picou
Austronaut A -- Andreas Steinbach
Baron von FrankenPEZ -- Kurt Boutin
Beloved Royal Consort -- Jerry Forsyth
---- (fair-warning: he frowns on the creation of a PEZKing)
Bon-Bon -- Bonnie Hall
Bumble PEZ -- Tracy Lundin
Captain Jean Luc PEZcard -- Aaron Smith
Captain PEZ -- Ryan Hoagland
CasinoPEZ -- Misty McAllister
CastlePEZ -- Larry Castleberry
CentennialPEZ -- Braden Hoeppner
Chancellor of PEZ -- Ron Chudy
Chief PEZzy Officer, Royal PEZmarine Fleet -- Jeff Barto
CleoPEZtra -- Lee Iacopucci
COOLPEZMAN -- John Devlin
Count of Monte PEZco -- Byron Boyd
Court Musician of PEZ -- Doug Edwards
Court Painter -- Joe McCue
Criff the PEZDawg -- Cliff Lee
Czarina de PEZ -- Nan McCosky
D. Spencer O'PEZ -- Bill Marshall
DamePEZ, Keeper of PEZzy Memories -- Rita Hawkins
Dan the PEZ man - Dan Sylvester
Dances With PEZ -- Pamela Lenox
Darkoath the PEZamystic -- David Paterson
Deputy PEZ -- Chad Nevel
DesertPEZrat -- Ray Showalter
DesignPEZ -- Simon Udell
Detective PEZ -- Gary Nevel
Dr. PEZ -- Tom Lupoff
Duke of PEZ -- Adam Strickler
EL PEZidente -- David Alvarez
Empress of Sinister PEZ -- Karen Lynn
EuroPEZMeister -- Gordon Wong
Evil PEZ Dancer of Death, Destruction and Mayhem -- Janice Baxter
GrandPa PEZ -- Max Austin
Great ExPEZtations -- Susan Roberts
Hawaiian PEZ -- Greg Gillenwaters
HIPPYPEZ (formerly Master of the PEZ-iverse) -- Gene Young
His Royal Badself -- Vince Romano
HooPEZ -- Kenneth Hooper
Howdy PEZ -- Stacie McKay
il PEZtino, The Royal Messenger for PEZLand -- Karl Krebs
Indiana PEZ -- Eric Shoop
Island PEZ Princess -- Katie Rose
JerseyPEZNet -- Julie Stech
Karie the PEZzie Wezzie -- Karen Rand
Kickn'PEZ -- Maheba Merhi
KillerPEZ -- Kelly Brennan
Keeper of the Royal Ponies -- Juli Kraft
La Duchess of PEZLand -- Karen Cooper
La PEZ Nikita -- Deven Green
Lady PEZ -- JoAnn Keys
Lil Orph PEZAnnie -- Nancy A. Webster
Lil PEZ -- George McKay
LoftiPEZ -- Thomas Loftus
Lord Larry of PEZLand -- Larry Lethcoe
MamaPEZ -- Deb Hammer
Man of PEZtiny -- Paul R. Bentz
Marquis de PEZ -- Gene Schenberg
McPEZ Royal Engineer -- Todd McAllister
Merry Melody Maker -- Melody Clark
Moore PEZ -- Megan Moore
Mr. Bill & his PEZdog Dylan -- William L. Stevens
Mr. PEZident -- Nate Daily
Mr. PEZtactular Jones -- Ron Jones
Mr. Ugly -- David Elliott
Mrs. Vice PEZzident -- Cindy Hubschmitt
Ms. PEZ-snickity -- Susan Hyde
Ms. PEZerosity -- Elizabeth Meyer
OCTOPEZ - Chris Klein
Officer PEZ -- Gerard Babski
Official PEZheads Counter -- Missy Toupal
Papa PEZ -- Dave Toupal
PEZ Aholac -- Amy Carr
PEZ Commodore (formerly the Royal PEZ Taster) -- Larry Ashton
PEZ Crazy -- Margot Pelekai
PEZ Diego -- Jack Canning
PEZ Diva -- Kelly Sims
PEZ Duo -- Audrey Schmitz
PEZ Duo 1 -- John Schmitz
PEZ Frog -- Robin Smith
PEZ GUY -- Ted Tang
PEZ Hound -- Victor Roberts
PEZ Jams -- Wayne Wilson
PEZ l -- Leonard Wilson
PEZ Lady -- Jen Eric
PEZ Mistress -- Erin Mills
PEZ Pal Val -- Valerie Miller
PEZ PALS -- Russ Bonds
PEZ Princess -- Alisa J. McClain
PEZ Punk -- Katie Root
PEZ Pup -- Jill Gross
PEZ Rok -- Rok Djordjevic
PEZ Royal Court Artisan -- Amy Gordon
PEZ Seeker -- Randy Van Bever
PEZ Serf -- Joyce Friedman
PEZ Slave -- Douglas
PEZ~TEX, Sheriff of PEZland -- Ryan Manchee
PEZ Traveler -- Gary Sharp
PEZ Zealot -- Anne Base
PEZ-Ra, Princess of Power -- Amber Anderson
PEZ-TEX -- Ryan Manchee
PEZ4Broke: Royal Accumulator of PEZzy Frivolities -- John "Jeuie" Eustace
PEZ9000 -- Jason Ray
PEZamystic -- Michael Bugler
PEZAngel -- Gina Black
PEZasus -- Linda Adams
PEZbean Dean -- Dean Minervino
PEZbert -- Leslie Astell
PEZBiker -- Paul A. Ganschow
PEZboy -- Mike Miller
PEZbrat -- Sean Ward
PEZbunny (formerly PEZrookie) -- Alisa
PEZcat -- Kimi Vohs
PEZcop; Protector of the PEZ -- Don Eyer
PEZcore -- Ryan Fink
PEZcussionist -- Mohammad Salama
PEZDewd, Keeper of all cool PEZ -- Corey P. Goldstein
PEZdr. -- Richard R. Viscarello
PEZdragon -- Rodney Post
PEZdreamer -- Geri Sullivan
PEZDude -- Gary White
PEZecutive -- Sue Rudnicki
PEZelina -- Pam Wesley
PEZerella -- Kerry Hammel
PEZerificpaul -- Paul Kerl
PEZessive Lisa -- Lisa Troth
PEZGhandi (alter ego-Sir PEZalot) -- Brian Gochal
PEZGoddess -- Mary Thronson
PEZhead Phredd -- Fred Task
PEZKing -- [command not found]
PEZHeart -- Anita Sudlik
PEZhopper -- Donielle Martin
PEZidactal -- Matt
PEZigator, Royal Guardian of the Moat -- Steve Fisher
PEZilly, the Philly PEZhead -- Jeremy Julien
PEZimaniac -- Nancy Reeves
PEZinvestor -- Josh Roberts
PEZkeeper (formerly ImPEZario) -- Stuart Cartwright
PEZKeteer -- Dave Hall
PEZKopf, the Royal Simulationist -- Rainer Dronzek
PEZLibrarian -- Rich Teller
PEZLord -- Dennis Martin
PEZlyn -- Lynn Gildner
PEZmaiden -- Patti Showalter
PEZmaniac -- Brandon Canning
PEZMaster -- Hector Catre
PEZmeister -- Peter Fuhrmeister
PEZMom -- Mary Ward
PEZmorized -- Rob Yarak
PEZNurse -- Brenda Fraunfelter
PEZoff, Guardian of the Royal Beer Nuts -- Tory Boroff
PEZologist -- Corey Friedman
PEZophile -- Junichi
PEZotic PEZGIRL - Cheryl Cragg
PEZpalooza, Dispenser of Justice --Jon Bortles
PEZPe Le Pew -- Julianne Malinak
PEZpelunker - Josh Kunin
PEZphreak -- Nathan Thorell
PEZpimp -- Michel Condoroussis
PEZPleez -- Lisa Brown
PEZPriest -- Don (Nadie) Angel Sella-Diaz
PEZPumpkin -- Sheri Keyser

PEZQueen of the Universe/PEZrina {evil twin} -- Amy Forsyth

PEZquire -- Diane Davison
PEZRat, Protector of the Royal Sewer System -- Natalia Wilson
PEZRep -- Hod Turner
PEZSki Girl -- Tanya Wilson
PEZSpouse -- Donna Austin
PEZster -- Brett Norton
PEZtastic -- Robert Simons
PEZtense9 -- Sarah Reilly
PEZticide, Master Gardener and Royal Caretaker of the Ever-blooming
PEZtick -- Lisa-Ane Silverthorne
PEZttoo (formerly PEZApprentice) -- Kelley Philipovich
PEZvette -- Joe Preston
PEZWiz -- Scott Luther
PEZzanovante -- Dan Cordova
PEZzie -- Sharon Goodis
PEZzybear -- Jill Jorgenson
PEZzy JAG -- Brian Crotty
PEZzilla -- Mike Kostal
PEZzling -- Wendy Roberts
PEZzoo -- Jeanette & Scott Watkins
PEZzy Flemming, skating instructor to the world of PEZ --
Joelle Svarvari
PEZzyGuy -- Robert Neapolitan
PLANet PEZ -- Jason Hooker
Pope of PEZ -- John Huie
PremiumPEZ -- Shawn Wilson
Princess Giggles - The Royal Giggler -- Barb
Princess PEZzica -- Jessica Walser
Princess Pixy PEZ -- Heather Fisher
Psycho PEZ, Ye Olde Candle Maker of PEZland -- Michael Hasko
Queen PEZ Mother -- Sue Toupal
R.C.M.PEZ (Royal Canadian Mounted PEZ) -- Drew M. Becker
ResPEZtoryTherapist -- Heather Chapman
Rivercity PEZhead Rick -- Rick Roberts
Royal Chef -- Henry Ward
Royal Chicken Boy -- Andy Nelson
Royal Foot Messenger -- David Watts
Royal Foot Messenger's Assisant -- Kristi Majni
Royal Giver of PEZ -- Dan Howard
Royal PEZ Chicken Coop Keeper -- Heather V. Housley
Royal PEZ Nanny -- Debbie Wood
Royal PEZ Reporter -- Gerad Housley
Royal PEZ Toonist -- Danny Vaughn, Official PEZ Taster, too!
Royal PEZabitionist -- Jill Cohen
Royal PEZCurator -- Nancy Yarbrough Doss
Royal PEZinator -- Kurt Byfield
Royal PEZitect -- Jeff Cordina
Royal PEZtreasure -- Dora Dwyer
Royal Proof Reader -- Sue Rudnicki
Royal Purifier of PEZ -- Ron Jerome
Royal TheraPEZt -- Cathy Simutis
Sailor PEZ -- Aaron Lamay
Scarlet O'PEZra -- Val Lewis
Sideshow PEZ -- Tracy Ruff
Silicon PEZ -- Luke Mosiman
Silly Little Pooka PEZ -- Shanna Marszalkowski
Silver Glow -- Charlene McDonald
Sir Michael of PEZ -- Michael Weisel
Sir Namzep Yabe - Royal Acquirer -- Bill Chever
Sir TiltAHead - Gallowskeeper of PEZLand -- Tom Zellmer (2009)
Sir Timothy-Lord of the PEZtable -- Tim Priebe
Slacker PEZ -- Jeff Lovelace
SnailPEZ -- Rick Marlowe (2009)
Spooky PEZ "The PEZ Is Out There." -- Katie Chrzanowski
Sugar Daddio -- Rick Probst
Teach, The Okie PEZhead -- David L Jobes
The Ace of PEZ -- Mat Hayward
The artist formerly known as "PEZ" -- Mike Segal
The Baron VonPEZ -- Jed Bindeman
The Barrister to the Roayl Court of PEZland -- George P. Guertin
The Count of PEZDEMONIA -- Jeff Cason
The Court PEZJester "You may laugh now." -- Jim Presnal
The CyberPEZhead Warrior -- Griff Akins
The Demure PEZFlower -- Wendy Pickering
The Flea Marketeers -- David and Heather Polke,  "All for PEZ and PEZ for All"
The Grand Duchess of the Western Realm -- Tina (Rotorup)
The Grand Poohbah of PEZLand -- Mike Jackson
The Grand Supreme PEZ Magician of the Universe -- Anthony L. Rossi
The Honorable Judge PEZ -- Shirley Zimmerman
The Illustrated PEZ -- Scott M. Barnhill
The Last PEZ Scout -- Kyle Nabilcy
The little PEZ girl -- Angela Praz
The Long Island PEZMAN -- Lenny Siegel
The Man with no PEZ name -- James Cravens
The Not Boring or Dull PEZknight -- Ryan Blum
The Official PEZ Polisher to The Queen - Duster of The Realm -- Eric Thorell
The PEZ Aholic -- Amy Carr
The PEZ Fairy --Maggie Williams
The PEZ Family -- Joni, Kenny Friedman
The PEZ Kid -- Andrew Thomas
The PEZ Royal Advisor -- Louis Apoldo
The PEZ.Popping.Princess -- Kristy Layton
The PEZ_Runner -- Taylor A. Reeves
The PEZ Warlord -- Rick Feierman
The PEZant -- Eric
The PEZGuru -- Adam Burd
The PEZhead dj -- Michael Edwards
The PEZhead Kid -- Jon Steinert
The PEZman -- Tristan John
The PEZmanian Devil -- Mary Elizabeth Wilson
The PEZodontic Assistant -- Cindy Hernandez
The PEZterious Stranger -- Frank Curcio
The PEZutante, Muffy -- Muffy Bolding
The PEZzler -- David Gershman (formerly The EmPEZzler)
The PEZzy Town Crier -- Paul Telford
The Pfefferminz Pfairy -- Patti Carter
The Pretty PEZhead -- Angela de Joseph
The Redheaded PEZhead -- Fran Kraus
The Royal Apothecary -- Pete Monagle
The Royal Bunnikins -- Chris Kohler
The Royal Count PEZcula -- Brian George
The Royal Keeper Of The PEZ Shoppe -- Joe Klug
The Royal Lambie -- Alyssa Yarak
The Royal PEZ Gem -- Meg Alkire
The Royal PEZ Janitor -- Ben Lee
The Royal PEZician -- Pete Jaeger
The Royal PEZier -- Tom Walsh
The Royal Recorder of PEZLand -- Bob Tipton
The Royal Rhino-PEZ (protector of endangered PEZ-Land
species)-- Dale Pike
The Royal Seeress of PEZland -- Faye Tipton
The Royal Snoop -- Deb Krewson a.k.a. SnifflePEZ
The Royal YentaPEZ -- Bobbi Goodman
The SDSU PEZtec -- Mike Ortman
The Seuss of PEZ -- Cyndi Garrett
The Strolling Minstrel of PEZLand -- Steve Sherlock
The Wandering PEZ -- John Emanuelli
third PEZ from the sun, Heather Brautman
Tinman (The Royal S.M.) -- Greg Johnson
Tirith mii-Vana Loth i-PEZ, The Guard of the Beautious
Garden of PEZLand --
Josh Wampler
Titanic PEZcaptain of PEZLand -- Jack White
Valkyrie of PEZdom -- Valerie E. Miller
Van The PEZ Man -- Van O. Jensen III
Wine Taster to the Royal Court of PEZ -- Lee Spencer
Zep -- Patsy Williams

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